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Things to buy in Kazimierz is a series of ten letters, lists, and short essays, each one very different from the other, written by the artist Hadassa Goldvicht, that were sent out once a day, during the days the 31st Jewish Culture Festival, Krakow.

The letters can now be read on this website, and links to each letter 1-10 can be found of the top of this page.


Throughout the letters Goldvicht shares the story of her grandfather,

Pinchas Rosenberg, as well as exploring delicate moments of motherhood, love, silence, and grief.

The piece is also an unusual tour of Krakow's Kazimierz district, looking at some aspects of its economy, and tracing the way Kazimierz functions as a portal of sorts, transforming and transporting its visitors.

“Things to buy in Kazimierz” is part of the public art programme “Maiseh” (25.6.22-3.7.22) , 31th Jewish Culture Festival, Krakow, in which artists from Israel, Germany and Poland tell their version of legends from Krakow. Follow their stories as they unfold in the streets of Kazimierz.


Hadassa Goldvicht (1981) is an interdisciplinary artist, currently living and working in Jerusalem, Israel. In her work, which revolves around language and ritual, she moves back and forth from large-scale public interventions with members of communities and institutions, to works created within the private domain. Her works are exhibited widely and included in major collections, both private and public. She is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design (2004) and the School of Visual Arts in New York (2007).





Curatorial team: Yael Sherill, Lianne Mol & Julia Kawka – Curatorial Collective for Public Art / Berlin, Meydad Eliyahu – HaMiffal / Jerusalem, Paweł Kowalewski – Jewish Culture Festival / Kraków


Editor: Annie Lopez

Translator: Klara Laudańska

Website desigher: Eran Zirman

With much gratitude to my beloved Michal Goldvicht, Martin Schiller, Michael Rosenberg,

and David Offen for their generosity and memories.


Special thanks to Paweł Kowalewski, Meydad Eliyahu, Yael Sheril, Lianne Mol, Julia Kawka,

Janusz Makuch, Robert Gądek, Joanna Fabijańczuk

Aleksandra Trakul, and Olga Firlej, Annie Lopez, Klara Laudańska, and Eran Zirman for their wisdom and guidance throughout this project.

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